Wanna Be Naughty Sex Arousal Creme

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Product Description

Become a naughty, sexy diva! Crazy Girl So Naughty Nympho Sex Arousal Creme is formulated to boost sex drive. The .5-ounce tube holds an unscented creme that can be used anywhere, anytime. Sex alert, contains libido enhancers known to inspire mischievous behavior!

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2 Reviews
Husband Verified Buyer
Dec 14, 2012
Wifie Loves it
Got her a tube of this and omg she went buck wild on me...
DominaDoll Verified Buyer
Sep 13, 2009
Pleasant Sensation
The Naughty Nympho Sex Arousal Crème is a little different than other arousal gels I have used in the past. The active ingredients (or libido enhancers) are menthol and ginger root. I’ve used plenty of gels with menthol, which I tend not to like very much, but not any with ginger root, so I was curious about it for sure. The scent is like peppermint gum, so I thought this would have a cooling sensation right away. I was wrong. It heated up almost immediately which was a pleasant sensation and unlike the feeling I have when I am experiencing a reaction to a product. And, although it warmed nicely, it didn’t really make me a nympho like I was hoping or more sensitive during masturbation. Of course I’m a masturbation junkie and perhaps a bit jaded by the whole experience. It is a unique feeling though, and I think this would be fun to use together with a lover to enhance intercourse.