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iVibe Rabbit, Blueberry

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MSRP:  $153.99
Price:   $134.99
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Product Details

  • Weight: 13.60 Ounces
  • Width: 1.50 Inches
  • Length: 10.30 Inches
  • Insertable Length: 5.00 Inches
  • Features: Waterproof ,
    Waterproof - A seal or ring that prevents water from damaging the battery compartment. Splashproof can be splashed with water, but cannot be submerged. A toy with this capability will expand play time to a new level of fun! Not only can you play in the bedroom, but si
    Phthalate Free ,
    Phthalate Free - Phthalate Free products have no esters, softeners or plasticizers.
    Multi-Vibration ,
    Multi-Vibration - A toy that has various rhythms of vibration for when steady vibration isn't enough. Pulsate your way to your next orgasm.
    Multi-Speed - A toy that has varying levels of vibration speed.You are able to control the level of speed based on your preference.
  • Functions: Vibrates ,
    Vibrates - A balanced motion with no change in pattern.
    Escalates ,
    Escalates - A pattern of vibration that increases in intensity.
    Rotates - A spinning motion in the tip or shaft.
  • Materials: PVC
    PVC - PVC, sometimes referred to as jelly, is a plastic made more flexible and soft by the addition of plasticizers or phthalates. Some odor is usually detectable with PVC toys. Use soap and warm water or toy cleaner to disinfect.
  • Color: Blue
  • Shapes: Phallic
    Phallic - Resembles a penis.
  • Flavor: Blueberry
  • Powered By: AA Battery
  • Batteries Required: 4
  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  • Brand: iVibe
  • UPC: 782421490805
  • SKU: CNVELD-DJ6001-04
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Product Description

The next evolution in the iVibe line, the Rabbit is on everyone's wish list! This is the ultimate in sex toys - the vibrator you just can't live without. Put the beaded, ribbed, blueberry-colored, soft shaft to work and let the pearl beads squirm and turn around the vibrating shaft while the rabbit stimulates outside for an explosive orgasm. The usable length of the iVibe is 5in while it has a 1.5in diameter. With so many speeds and functions, this is the only vibrator you may ever need!  You can take your multi-function 5 iVibe Rabbit anywhere. And that includes the wettest places. Besides being non-phthalate and body-safe, this rabbit is waterproof! Equipped with swirling beads and a throbbing clit teaser, this textured toy will deliver climaxes that will keep you coming back for more. i Vibe Rabbit. Waterproof. 3 Different Functions with Multi-Speed Rotation, Vibration and Pulsation Options. Blueberry. 4 AA Batteries Required.

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24 Reviews
Beaver Verified Buyer
Feb 10, 2013
2 times
I have gone through 2 of these due to the wires on the tickler not very stable/ strong. It does the job well so I need to buy another.
Staff Review - Justin Verified Buyer
Feb 9, 2011
Staff Review
Doc Johnson I-vibrator Rabbit is a gem gizmo with tricks galore. It vibrates, pulsates, rotates and shifts direction. Combine the classic clit flickering ears with a reversible beaded shaft and you have yourself a certified, sexplosive toy. Advance your control of your naughty needs with this razzle dazzle vibe that surpasses your expectations.
Staff Review - Justin Verified Buyer
Jan 10, 2010
Staff Review
Doc Johnson I-vibrator Rabbit is a gem gizmo with tricks galore. It vibrates, pulsates, rotates and shifts direction. Combine the classic clit flickering ears with a reversible beaded shaft and you have yourself a certified, sexplosive toy. Advance your control of your naughty needs with this razzle dazzle vibe that surpasses your expectations.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
May 6, 2006
Review of DJ6001-01
Bought one for my best friend and my wife and now the word is out. Now the whole posse wants one so Im placing another order. Just wished they were waterproof for use in her hottub!!!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Feb 4, 2006
Review of DJ6001-04
Bought this product 3 months ago, and the vibe is seperating from the power pack. I cant seem to keep moisture from getting in it, and it can not be properly cleaned. Not worth the $95 I spent on it
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 12, 2005
Review of DJ6001-04
Best Vibrator Ive ever had, Every woman should have this one. It truly made the sun come out at night! I almost paid $100 in a sex toy shop, but found it here at 1/2 the price! Extremely quiet and very powerful and with the multi functions I found my favorite mode easly. The rotating head, twirling pearls and vibrating rabbit ears gave me mind blowing orgasms:)FIVE STARS in my book!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 3, 2005
Review of DJ6001-04
I like that the iVibe comes in a variety of colors!
Happy Ness Verified Buyer
Nov 25, 2005
Review of DJ6001-04
I never imagined a vibrator could do so much so well. Honestly, this is the best $95 Ive ever spent for myself. The battery pack seems a little bulky, but youll probably forget its even there.
Eve Verified Buyer
Oct 29, 2005
Review of DJ6001-04
Ive owned this for a year, and it JUST died on me, with no warning - I just turned it on, and... nothing. I think it short circuited.
Melissa Verified Buyer
Oct 8, 2005
Review of DJ6001-04
Not long enough, the beads are not big enough, you barely feel them, they dont go in far enough to enjoy them.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Oct 2, 2005
Review of DJ6001-01
I loved this product for all of 3 months. I broke the clit stimulor making the product completely worthless. If you want a brief orgasm buy it and have fun. This type of product with the clit stimulor attached will break with continued use. *********Clit stimulating vibrators break because people try to insert them too far, thus breaking the connection**********************************************
mZkiTTyNY Verified Buyer
Sep 7, 2005
Review of DJ6001-01
I searched through the huge selection of rabbit vibes and settled on this gem. Very powerful and the rabbit ear clit ticklers are the BEST! Ive had the most incredible orgasms with the I-Vibe! Its my absolute favorite toy and I look forward to using it with or without my hubby! Unfortunately, the battery compartment is a little cheesy and the cover kept popping off. After a short time, something must have broken inside the battery compartment because now it wont go on. :-( Keep that in mind when shopping as this is a pricey vibe!
Georgia Bi Female Verified Buyer
Jul 24, 2005
Review of DJ6001-01
GREAT vibrator - produces more pleasure than anything Ive ever tried. The only problem is - the battery compartment is cheap made & fluids can get in & burn it up (thus, not being good for women who Squirt)!
Paul Verified Buyer
Jul 10, 2005
Review of DJ6001-01
Guys this is the best. I got this for my wife & one night when I was going down on her I just slipped it in. At first she asked me what I was doing. I started to make it spin faster & faster she started to rock on it. Then I turned on the rabbit ears. Her legs shot open & she started cumming like crazy. She was saying ok ok stop then I turned it up & she was cumming again so I turned it up again & she was cumming again, by the time I got to the top she looked like a fish out of water. It was so cool watching her whole body just jerking all over the place. When I stoped it she just asked me what was that. I showed her the rabbit & she said that she just had the best sex of her life. My wife loves that she can use it alone, (& does). I love walking in on her when she does.
Mike Verified Buyer
May 26, 2005
Review of DJ6001-04
It worked as expected and then some. It hit all the spots. She loved it, wants it all the time now. lotsa speed and motion settings.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
May 12, 2005
Review of DJ6001-01
amy Verified Buyer
Apr 24, 2005
Review of DJ6001-01
I LOVE THIS VIBRATOR!!!!! I recommend this to EVERY woman who loves to come multiple times. I can spend HOURS on this beauty and have the best clitoral AND vaginal orgasms ever! ....the only problem is the battery door wants to come off during playtime but its a problem easily overlooked when you are getting off like you never have before;)
carol Verified Buyer
Apr 21, 2005
Review of DJ6001-01
My husband just loves to use this on me. he tied me down to the bed last night then he pluged this in to my cunt & turned it up on high. After about a 1/2 hour I must have cum about 15 times I was going crazy I said ok ok enough but he just kept going. My pussy was just gushing cum & he kept it going. My whole body started shaking I was cumming so hard one after another & he would not stop. I thought my pussy was going to explode. My head was spinning as my pussy kept cumming. I couldnt talk when he pulled it out my body was just started shaking but all he did was change the batteries & just put it back in. When he stopped that thing my body just droped. My whole body was buzzing. It was so good that I want to do it again tonight.
Carol Verified Buyer
Apr 12, 2005
Review of DJ6001-01
Im 25 year old & have to say that this is the most sex Ive had in my life. In one month I have cum at least 300 times. This thing is will drive you crazy. You can change speed make it spin around or back or side to side. My husband loves to play with the controls he said its like a TV remote & a video game in one he calls it drive the wife crazy. He plays it two ways how long without making me cum & high score how many times he can make me cum. So far Ive made it to 12 mins. with out cumming & high score is cumming 27 times. He tells me that records are made to be broken. So to the women out there that want to try some thing new this one is great can be used alone or with someone.
tiah Verified Buyer
Mar 9, 2005
Review of DJ6001-04
This was the first vibe I ever bought and I must say its wonderful! I havent had an orgasm like the one I had with this one in years. This was the first orgasm I had from masturbating. The functions are easy to use and the beads do feel great and hit the right spot. I wish the shaft could be longer just because I like long shafts but its perfect for me!! Even on the lowest setting the power is strong and its quiet for me. Its my new best friend.
carol Verified Buyer
Mar 1, 2005
Review of DJ6001-01
My husband plugged it into my cunt,he turned it up on high and my pussy was going crazy. all I could say was oh shit, oh shit and Im cuming. my whole body was shaking. Those fucking rabbit ears were right on my clit. The cum was running down my ass and my pussy was cuming again & again. My god it was so good. When he pulled it out my body just dropped down and my pussy just quivered for about 20 minutes. Once youve used the rabbit you are hooked for life.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Feb 20, 2005
Review of DJ6001-01
Ive had this toy for a month now. I have used it three times and now it is gathering dust in my secret drawer. It is obvious a man designed this product. To get deep penetration with the rotating head (which is a nice feeling) you have to push the clit tickler hard against your clit in an awkward angle, ruining the sensations from the rabbit ears, which are just jelly attached to a cheap vibrating bullet. To get the full effect of the clit tickler, I turn the toy around, with the dong in the air and buzz away at my clit. If I want to have a vaginal orgasm, I dont even bother turning on the vibrator and masterbate my clit with my fingers. I was doing that before!!!! You can see why Ive added this toy to my collection of useless crap. To get the full benefit of both aspects of the toy, I would detach the clit tickler so I could push the dong in deeply and lightly kiss my clit with the jelly ears. But alas, that is not what this product is. Also, I had to tape the battery compartment together- the door to the batteries is right where you place your thumb, so every time you thrust the dong into your pussy, the door opens and the batteries fall out (not hygenic!).
Christina Verified Buyer
Feb 9, 2005
Review of DJ6001-01
I got this vibe last night and eagerly put some fresh batteries in. Took it upstairs to my bedroom, undressed and got on my back. I was disappointed that the vibrations werent more powerful. Also, the rotating shaft is *amazing*! but the clit stimulator got in the way- i wanted deeper penetration. On function two, it feels like a cock pushing in and out of you. I want the rotating shaft, with out the clit stimulator!!!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Feb 5, 2005
Review of DJ6001-01
This rocked my world Many times in one evening. I simply love it! If only guys were always this good!!!!!!