Anal-Ese Cream 1.5 oz.

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Product Details

  • Weight: 2.08 Ounces
  • Width: 1.50 Inches
  • Length: 5.00 Inches
  • Features: Phthalate Free
    Phthalate Free - Phthalate Free products have no esters, softeners or plasticizers.
  • Functions: Desensitizes
    Desensitizes - Decreases sensation by making the applicable body part less sensitive.
  • Flavor: Cherry
  • Manufacturer: Nasstoys
  • UPC: 782631300208
  • SKU: CNVELD-NT0300-2
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Product Description

One of the best-selling anal desensitizers, Anal-Ese is designed to bring less pain to anal pleasure for both men and women. This cream is commonly used to reduce reoccurring sexual pain. However, make sure to use common sense and never push past your body's limitations during use.

To use, apply a small amount of the cream to the anal area before penetration. Wait a few minutes before continuing to allow the cream to become effective. After that, you're ready to play pain-free! As an extra bonus, this anal desensitizer is cherry-flavored in case it gets somewhere you didn't intend it to be. This 1.5 ounce bottle is perfectly sized for regular use.
3 Reviews
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Feb 26, 2012
I would not have anal sex with my husband because it was painful. With anal-ese cream it does not hurt. I actually had an orgasm and my husband enjoys it.
Staff Review - Justin Verified Buyer
Feb 28, 2010
Staff Review
Anal Ese is a desensitizing formula that heightens the satisfaction of backdoor play. Benzocaine, the active ingredient, is a local anesthetic that reduces pain by relaxing the nerves surrounding your tight hole. Apply generously to your sensitive area to relieve the discomfort of anal penetration. Anal Ese is cherry flavored for tasting rimmings and will give you the confidence to explore painless anal sex.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 28, 2008
Review of NW0300-2
Wonderful! Well worth the price.