Sure grip tighten her cream - .5 oz Sex Toy Product

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Sure grip tighten her cream - .5 oz

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Product Details

  • Weight: 0.64 Ounces
  • Functions: Tightens
    Tightens - Restricts the applicable body part.
  • Manufacturer: Pipedream
  • UPC: 603912104790
  • SKU: CNVELD-PD9806-00
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Product Description

What if you could relive your first time knowing everything you know now? You can when you apply Sure Grip tightening cream to your vagina before sex. It works to tighten the muscles for a virgin fit. Feel the passion and excitement again as your muscles squeeze and tighten around your lover's cock. If you ever had a chance to be an experienced virgin, this is it!

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11 Reviews
Anonymous Verified Buyer
May 20, 2012
I don't own this, nor will I ever own it. Do not buy it if you're prone to yeast infections- glycerin promotes these. Talk to your doctor or something if you need a product like this.
KALA BT Verified Buyer
Feb 1, 2007
Review of PD9806-00
This was a waste of time and money wouldnt recommend it to anyone whoever said it works my goodness thats a big lie unless mine was expired
Elle Verified Buyer
Oct 15, 2006
Review of PD9806-00
Ok- This stuff definitely works.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Oct 2, 2006
Review of PD9806-00
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Oct 15, 2005
Review of PD9806-00
Not sure why this works, but Im impressed with the couples that order more and more to help keep the feeling there. I have had some ladies get a tube at a party and the husband usually calls back asking can I order more even when a party is not scheduled. Why of course! If they want or need it, Ill get it. Im impressed by the satisfaction of those who are loyal purchasers for that sure grip.. The price seems to work really well and Im waiting to see how it goes with a male couple who purchased some.
afromnc Verified Buyer
Sep 24, 2005
Review of PD9806-00
This product is not worth 9.00, and I am glad that is all we spent on it..I would not recommend this product to NOONE. IT IS A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY........
Bobby Thortan Verified Buyer
Jun 20, 2005
Review of PD9806-00
My girlfriend is black, i love this shit. You know how black girls are all loose and stuff well this worked perfect on her now she wont be cheating on me for a black guy. THIS FUKIN ROCKS!!
anon Verified Buyer
May 12, 2005
Review of PD9806-00
I got this product and it left me burning instead of feeling good
angel Verified Buyer
Mar 11, 2005
Review of PD9806-00
it was worth the price when i used it for the first time it worked wonderfully but it didnt work the second time so stopped using, but it wasnt a total loss
kd Verified Buyer
Jan 26, 2005
Review of PD9806-00
Well, I was not too sure if this would work, but I decided to take my chances and order it. Well, since hubby is away, I had to try it with a toy and let me tell you, it worked and worked well. Almost a little too well!!! But if you are looking for a little bit tighter fit then this is the product to try! And it works instantly. I will be getting some more before hubby comes home on leave to see how it feels with the real thing!!!! If you are debating...go ahead and buy it. The price is worth it and you will be getting what you pay for it!!!!! Good Luck!
Aleeyah Verified Buyer
Jan 18, 2005
Review of PD9806-00
I didnt believe all the reviews that i read about how good that stuff worked. Since they had so many I didnt know which one to pick from. and I really!!!! wanted one that would work so against my better judgement I got this sure grip and the china shrink cream yesterday when i got my package I was excited and nervous. I used the sure grip first and I promise as a wife, to all the other wives out there looking for that sure grip again it WORKS!!! I am very surprised and happy with my choice, thank yall. I will be ordering again very soon....