Colt Grips Vibrating Adjustable Clamps Sex Toy Product

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Colt Grips Vibrating Adjustable Clamps

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Product Details

  • Weight: 2.88 Ounces
  • Width: 1.50 Inches
  • Length: 2.50 Inches
  • Features: Waterproof ,
    Waterproof - A seal or ring that prevents water from damaging the battery compartment. Splashproof can be splashed with water, but cannot be submerged. A toy with this capability will expand play time to a new level of fun! Not only can you play in the bedroom, but si
    Phthalate Free ,
    Phthalate Free - Phthalate Free products have no esters, softeners or plasticizers.
    Batteries Included
    Batteries Included - A toy packaged with batteries. Batteries carry an electric charge and are the most common power source for vibrators. Always have back up batteries available for playtime.
  • Functions: Vibrates
    Vibrates - A balanced motion with no change in pattern.
  • Color: Black
  • Powered By: AG13 Battery
  • Batteries Required: 6
  • Manufacturer: Cal Exotics
  • Brand: Colt
  • UPC: 716770052032
  • SKU: CNVELD-SE6892-03
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Product Description

Waterproof, Vibrating adjustable clamps designed for multi-purpose use with Wireless push button vibrations. Rubber-Cote material and Batteries included. 2.5 in/6 cm
3 Reviews
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Nov 8, 2010
I had one issue
Yeah, these nipple clamps are ok, but they don't hold a candle to getting jumper cables hooked directly to your nipples and being shocked. Once your nipples get used to the electric shock, you will find no better erotic sensation.
Staff Pick - Justin Verified Buyer
Oct 21, 2009
Staff Review
California Exotic Novelties Colt Grips are all purpose nipple clamps. Not only do they squeeze your nipples, they also have a powerful resonation. These mini bullets will tease and tantalize your nipples. The rubber cote material is soft and cozy on your chest. Venture in the shower with these durable waterproof vibes.
Alpine Subdreams Verified Buyer
Mar 14, 2009
Review of CNVELD-SE6892-03
These black plastic toys are not so much clamps with built-in vibes as they are vibes with built-in clamps. Each has a twist screw that allows you to adjust the gap at the business end. But the screw is hardly needed: even with it backed off all the way, so there’s no gap, the unit doesn’t pinch any harder than a baby’s grip. This makes them excellent for anyone who’s been intrigued but also intimidated by the idea of clamps. They’re gentle enough they could be applied to nips, labia, or scrotums. colt-grips PG mentions (a het male top), for the more hard-bitten (and scratched, and spanked) kinksters, the Colt Grips work well for kicking other toys up a notch. Recently, I used them to pleasing effect* this way by clipping them onto a set of more severe metal clamps I’d already attached to Alpine’s nips, and turning them on. They’ve also got great potential for attaching to rope harnesses. The single speed vibe motor is easily engaged with a click-on/click off push button in the base. The Colt Grips are rated as waterproof. I’m not sure I’d trust them for swimming, but it’s nice to know they won’t be harmed by lubes or body fluids. These Clamps come with batteries and with spares – a thoughtful touch, as few things are more frustrating than just getting your groove on, only to hear the sad, slowing whir of dieing vibes. * Well, I was very pleased. Alpine: I was really happy with the Colt Grips, they are definitely designed for pleasure and not for pain.