Y Style Adjustable Tweezer Nipple Clamps With Clit Clamp Silver

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  • Color: Silver
  • Manufacturer: Spartacus
  • UPC: 669729340073
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Product Description

Y-style attached nipple clamps and clit clamp with tweezer style clamps. The clamps are adjustable, and the clit clamp chain detaches from the nipple clamp chain, so you can choose how much to take! The tweezer clamps are a popular style, lightweight and curved to fit your body.

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5 Reviews
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Oct 12, 2013
Falls Apart
Not worth your money - the rubber tips don't stay on. Not much pinch either.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jul 19, 2013
Not worth your money
The rubber tips come right off - not worth your money.
Zoe Verified Buyer
Jul 11, 2011
Loved the feeling of nipples and clit being pinched
I absolutely love this product, which is similar to the nipple tweezer clamps and chain I already own, except there is a third tweezer clamp for your clit. All three clamps are connected with a lightweight but robust looking chain arranged in a “Y”. Each tweezer clamp is curved at the end and covered in vinyl. The vinyl’s natural stickiness and the curved ends really holds the clamps in place. Initially the vinyl covering slipped-off, but that was easily fixed with a dab of superglue. I also used my beading pliers to remove a couple inches of excess chain from each end of the “Y” to keep the chain taunt because I am small in stature. Having my nipples and clit stimulated by the pleasure sting the tweezers has me immediately wet and wanting to be nasty. I frequently ware these clamps under my clothes. When I am feeling extra naught, I’ll wear these clamps and chain with a half-shirt and jeans when I go shopping so that all can see the “Y” chain and imagine where it is connected. This product works great with my VCH and nipple piercings.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 6, 2009
Nice clamps
These are nice. They are adjustable to your tension liking. Nice that the chain is detachable. Can be used with or without the clit part. Could be used by woman or man.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Aug 17, 2009
Not worth it
I ordered these since I am new to nipple play and liked the idea of adjust ability. The problem is that the rubber tips come off way too easily. I guess that's good if you want the sharp metal on your skin, but I don't. I really can't say how they work since they wouldn't stay on long enough to try. I tried the clit clamp too, and it did the same thing. I didn't want to cut myself on the metal with out the tips, so I took them off. Maybe I should try to glue them on, but I don't think I should have to do that for a product that I paid more than $20 for.